The AZ Encampment is located at the western edge of A-Z West where A-Z Wagon Stations, a communal outdoor kitchen, composting toilets and open air showers provide minimal self contained amenities for off the grid living.   Guests who stay in the Wagon Station Encampment are encouraged to step outside of their every-day patterns and routines, and to open themselves up to new possibilities and ways of living. Small details such as sleeping and waking patterns, personal hygiene routines, and removal from communication technologies, all prompt a heightened focus, as ingrained assumptions about needs, values and social norms come into question.   "Open season" at the AZ West Encampment happens twice a year, for one month in the spring and one month in the fall (exact dates vary each year).  There are various capacities through which one can stay in the encampment, including volunteering to sit the HDTS HQ on Saturdays and Sundays, and enrolling in a one week intensive seminar titled "The Institute of Investigative Living".