West Works

A-Z West Works support the collective resources at A-Z West and generate income for artists local to the High Desert, where employment and means of financial support are limited.

The A-Z West Panels are hand-woven by the community of artists who utilize the A-Z West Weaving Studio.  Each weaving is one of a kind;  adhering to simple dictate determined by Zittel which is then interpreted by the individual weavers.   Panels from 2015  have a visually identifiable black letter “T”. Panels from 2016 have two black bars running in any direction.

A-Z West Containers are hand made ceramic bowls that serve all eating and drinking functions.  Zittel has been using “containers” in daily life since the early 1990s.   This series was hand produced in the A-Z West studio and then fired by our friends BKB ceramics.  Income generated by the container series will fund the purchase of a kiln, which will become another resource available to those in the local creative community.


To receive a PDF of available pieces please email azwest@zittel.org