Personal Plots for the 2019 Istanbul Biennial

Kunstmuseen Krefeld , 2019

Studies for Planar Panels, 2017

Studies for Planar Configuration, 2017

Planar Pavilions at A-Z West

Planar Configuration Two, 2017

Planar Configuration Three, 2017

Planar Configuration Four, 2017

Parallel Planar Panels, 2017

Studies for Planar Configurations, 2016

Planar Configuration One, 2016

Parallel Planar Panels, 2016

Linear Sequence, 2016

Planar Partitions, 2015

Parallel Planar Panels, 2015

Flat Field Works #2 and #3, 2015

Flat Field Work #1, 2015

Bench (after Judd), 2015

A4, Five Whites

Planar Pavilions, 2014

Planar Pavilion, 2014

Parallel Planar Panels, 2014

Parallel Planar Carpets, 2014

Hard Carpets, 2014

Dynamic Essay About the Panel, 2014

Bench (After Judd), 2014

A-Z Uniform Project, Second Decade

Institute of Investigative Living

How To Live Billboards, 2013

Study for Cover Series, 2012

Sleep Sack Configurations, 2012

Lights for A-Z West

Covers in Use Gouaches, 2012

Covers in Spaces With Bodies, 2012

A-Z Cover Series 2, 2012

A-Z Cover Series 1, 2012

A-Z Carpet Furniture: Cabin, 2012

A-Z Billboard Series, 2012

2012 Summer Personal Panels

Tellus Interdum

Single Strand Forward Motion

Pattern of Habit

Lay of My Land, 2011

Aggregated Stacks, Berlin 2011

Tiles for kitchen at A-Z West, 2010

Small Liberties, video 2010

Interlopers Hiking Club

Clutch, video 2010

Aggregated Stacks, A-Z West 2010

Walking Patterns, performance 2009

Vertical Accumulators, 2009

Token Exchange, 2009

Indy Island, 2009

House After Ten Years, video 2009

Wall Sprawl 2008-2010

smockshop, 2006 – 2010

Energetic Accumulators, 2008

A-Z Mobile Compartment Units, 2008

Prototype for Billboards, 2007

Prototypes for Billboards, 2005

Prints Rules of Raugh

New Raugh Furniture

Sufficient Self, video 2004

Homestead Unit with Raugh Furniture

Food Prep Station A-Z West

Diaristic Gouaches

Sprawl2 LithoEdition

Cellular Compartment Unit for Goetz Collection, 2003

A-Z Wagon Stations, First Generation, 2004

A-Z Wagon Stations at Milwaukee Museum of Art, 2003

A-Z Homestead Office

The Regenerating Field

Sprawl1 Litho Edition

sfnwvlei Gouaches

Homesteadat A-Z West

High Desert Test Sites

Fiber Form Uniforms

Fiber Form Gouaches, 2002

Cellular Compartment Comunities

A-Z Paper Pulp Panels

Suburban Sprawl Studies

Single Strand Uniforms

Single Strand Handmade

Raugh Desk A-Z West

Homestead Unit Gouaches

Everlasting and Complete Gouaches

A-Z Sorting Trays

A-Z Homestead Units

A-Z Cellular Compartment Units, 2001

Time Trials

Free Running Rhythms and Patterns

Food Group Prep Unit

A-Z Pocket Property

Time Trials

Point of Interest Drawings

A-Z West

A-Z Point of Interest

A-Z Clocks

Raugh Personal Panel

Raugh Furniture

Personal Panel Gouaches

Personal Panel Drawings

A-Z Yard Yachts

A-Z Thundering Prairie Dogs

A-Z Deserted Islands

A-Z Carpet Furniture

A-Z Bofa, 1997

A-Z Escape Vehicles

A-Z Escape Vehicle Drawings

Travel Trailer Drawings

Personal Panel Uniforms

Carpet Furniture 1995

A-Z Travel Trailers

A-Z Platform Bed

A-Z Pit Bed

A-Z East

A-Z Small Bed

A-Z Ottoman Furniture

A-Z Fleds

A-Z Comfort Units

A-Z Comfort Unit for the Cincinnati Museum

A-Z Clocks, 1994

A-Z 1994 Living Units

Carpet Furniture 1993

A-Z Warm and Cool Chambers

A-Z Privacy Panel

A-Z Food Group

A-Z Dishless Dining Table

A-Z Designated Dining Table

A-Z Cover Series, 1993

A-Z Container

A-Z Cleansing Chamber

A-Z Chamberpot

A-Z Breeding Unit for Reassigning Flight

A-Z Breeding Unit for Averaging Eight Breeds, 1993

A-Z Body Processing Unit, 1993

Developmental Models

Carpet Furniture Gouaches

A-Z Management Maintenance

Six Month Uniforms

Repair Works

Quail Breeding Unit

Bantam Breeding

A-Z Single Egg Incubator


Uniform for Andy Stillpass